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Raja Rani


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
7.6 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 23, 2020 at 10:48 am



Arya as John
Nayanthara as Regina
Jai as Surya
Nazriya Nazim as Keerthana
Sathyaraj as James

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Movie Reviews

Love is all you need

Though our FB status might say otherwise, most of our relationships today are complicated and according to Atlee the most complicated relationship of all time is Marriage. Hence, in his maiden venture, he has attempted to unwind the knot of all knots and to a great extent has succeeded too.

Raja Rani, a story based on the lives of four individuals and how the ripples they create end up canceling each other. What begins as a Catholic style marriage soon shifts to an apartment with the couples bickering at each other with the utmost fury like the lions and the Gladiators. But deep inside, both present a flashback with love as a common link. Who succeeds, Love or The lovers or the couples? You know what to do to know the answer.

Atlee, the débutante deserves appreciation for several reasons, for choosing a script free from heroism and Newton defying action sequences, for choosing a strong cast (Who would have imagined the Lungi clad villain of Naan Kadavul in a Reid & Taylor with a funny bone), for using these casts to deliver the message in almost every scene without making a fuzz about it.

Arya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya have successfully brought life to the characters.The supporting cast including Santhanam, Sathyaraj, 'Naan Kadavul' Rajender have also done justice to their roles. Arya has retained his lover boy image with Santhanam as his side kick. Jai has ensured that we don't miss Santhanam in the first half. Nazriya's potential glimmers and with that enchanting look, she is definitely here to stay. Nayanthara's fasting with Tamil cinema is finally over and one hopes that she continues to entertain in the coming years. Santhanam has proved his mettle once again. Sathyaraj bring tears and at the same time helps us wipe it off.

The complications of any relationship can be easily dealt with once we realize that is complicated. 'Misunderstanding' can cause greater mayhem than what Katrina did to US. A clean mind and a willing heart is all it takes to make any relationship work. Though Atlee sprinkled many advice throughout, one refuses to leave my hearing apparatus and I've translated it to my best, "No couple are born in this world as 'made for each other'. It's how you live that makes it meaningful"

Raja Rani--- Telltale Poetry

Must watch for all Newlyweds and those awaiting.

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Raja Rani - A glimpses of love.

Arya - After huge flop of Settai he is back with RR,He has done a good job,and he is very impressive too.He has done full justice to his respective role and chemistry between Nazriya(in past)was cute and bit emotional too,and between Nayantara(in present) seems to be less chemistry.On the whole another superb hit for him.

Jai - A great comeback film for Jai,his character was a kind of an innocent,soft-spoken and purely performance oriented character.After Engaeyum Eppothum in this film his role was very important, In 1st half his part was very enjoyable he shines throughout in first half.On the whole his performance was very matured and once again i am mentioning that for Jai it's a great comeback film.

Nayantara - After a sabbatical of 3 years (her last movie in Tamil was (Boss Engira Bhaskaran) she is back in Kollywood with strong comeback,When am watching her on screen was just went back 3 years same year VTV movie was released in that Trisha role was talk of the town not only that her role was very intense,here am not comparing Trisha & Nayantara thing is as same both roles were had a great impact to the story.Coming to RR undoubtedly she has chosen best movie for her strong comeback she has done a great job chemistry between Jai & Arya was very cool ! Not only in love portions,in emotional portions also she deserves an applause.She herself mentioned her role in daily newspaper"very stubborn. She loses her temper at the drop of a hat, but is also emotionally vulnerable. What I like the most about her is the way she handles each and every phase in her life" was 100%correct. On the whole she completely justifies her role.

Nazriya Nazim - Latest heartthrob of many youngsters, she made her impressive debut in Neram. In this her cute and childish expressions was very neat.She does not have a strong role to execute her way to go Nazriya.

Sathyaraj - After being great supportive role in Nanban,Thalaivaa &Vvs,in this film he is not exceptional portrayed well in this,he is very calm and cool father his character was well sketched am sure that present-day girls would love to have such a father.

Santhanam - He is in as usual but not wholly, he is having an integral to play in the story.His performance in emotional scenes was very refreshing.As usual his one liners are very catchy, Arya and Santhanam share some lighter moments together,Mostly in second half he keeps us engaging.

Rest characters like Sathyan & others have done a good job.

Tech crews : Cinematography by George.c.Williams - His work was very flawless, whole film has rich & glossy look in songs "Chillena" & "Oday Oday" visually outstanding. Editing by Anthony L. Ruben - He has done a great job,but he could have been trimmed few portions. Music by G.V.Prakash - Already songs have become huge hit,Not only in songs he has done a great job in BGM too because there are few Impactful scenes so he has worked a lot in it. Director Atlee - First and foremost a warm welcome to him.So, here another short filmmaker turned as full-fledge filmmaker, he has earlier worked as an asst with director Shankar sir in Endhiran & Nanban.When doing his UG he has done a few notable short films with actor Sivakarthikeyan in his short films worth mention will be Mugaputhagam.Coming to RR he was very clear in his vision that what he wants to convey and how he wants to,story was very simple but the way he handled screenplay was very engaging,he has made audience with the complete package of comedy,love & bit emotions too.On the whole 2013 has got another wonderful & promising filmmaker.Way to go bro !.

Conclusion - Raja Rani resembles yesteryear film Mounaragam which made a memorable film in Tamil cinema history even today if we watch will feel as fresh.Coming to Raja Rani a Debutant director has handled an ensemble cast in this film which features mostly well known faces,Really we should appreciate director for giving a wonderful message oriented film, above have to say means he has just made wake up all new married couples,If we watch this movie in deeply means central theme of the story is very intense but he has executed in a engaging way, Some people may think after watching teaser & trailer in that tag line was attached i.e. "There is Life after Love Failure,There is Love after Love failure" whether it will be preachy or advisable if you are having this thought in your mind means, Am sure that RR will change this kind of thought in your mind after watching this film not only that it will show us clear vision too especially for married couples.Despite all odds all kind of audiences can enjoy a lot with whole family.

In a word or sentence have to say means: Raja Rani - A feel good film with all elements & Must watch for family audience.

Atlee Kumar - Hats - off bro ! for giving us feel good movie after many days all the best for your future projects

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Raja Rani (U) TAMIL ------------------ my Rating : ★★★★ BEST LOVE STORY OF 2013

Raja Rani (U) TAMIL New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad

Raja Rani (U) TAMIL ------------------ my Rating : ★★★★ BEST LOVE STORY OF 2013

STRENGTHS :- * Story Screenplay Direction : was different and has lots of new contents ..... * BGM : was best from Start till End ...... * Casting and Performances : by all was special in that nayantara was outstanding ..... * Nazriya : was cute and bubbly in the second half ....... * Camera : was excellent between the scenes ....... * Comedy Characters : will make u laugh frequently with santhanam....

WEAKNESSES :- * Songs : were not special ......

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... the movie tells you that " there is a life after every love failure"......I recommend this movie for all movie goers and it is a complete youth entertainer ......

This enervating and vibrant love story, explores the upheavals faced when two people, in love with someone else, are forced by circumstances to marry. Will they find it in them to fall in love with each other or will they breakup? Arya, Jai, Nayantara, Nazriya Nazim, Sathyaraj, Sathyan

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A Cool Breezy Entertainer

A cool breezy entertainer. Director Atlee made an awesome entry in Kollywood with this brilliant movie. though the wine is old, but the package was promising. I enjoyed a lot. All credits goes to this young director to make this movie a memorable one. The casting was extra ordinary: Arya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya, Sathyan and Sathyaraj. Nayanthara was ravishing, Nazriya looked as short cutie, Jai was good and Arya was the correct fit for that character. Nayanthara's performance was extraordinary, well i wud say, she returned to Kollywood with a BANG!!!! Sathyaraj's father character was good, he performed well.. Though Santhanam was playing the comedy part, but also he did a wonderful character in serious role. Music was enjoyable and the BGM was extremely blended with the movie. Kudos to GVP. Raja Rani was the perfect family entertainer with the correct mixture of Comedy, Romance, Sentiments & Music. One of the best romantic movies around. Don't wait for the DVD or the pirated copy, try to watch it in the theater itself.

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