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Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
5.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Feb 03, 2021 at 02:34 pm



Lindsay Goranson as April Watson
Gary Swanson as Dr. Green
Ron Haxton as Interrogator
Ian Temple as Brian
Joshua Jenks as Patient / Masked Man

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Movie Reviews

Ignore the low ratings - worth watching

I enjoyed this film. Intriguing and puzzling with several plot twists. Reminiscent of Jacob's Ladder in some respects. It's a mystery/thriller/suspense film, not horror.

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True Indy filmmaking

Let me start by saying i worked on this film.

For the haters. Get over yourselves.

We made this movie when we were 23 years old as a senior thesis. It was a 3 man crew making everything happen

Carlos Ferrer, my friend, spent ten years on this film. He wrote, directed, shot, wrote the score and did all the cgi on his own. Which is unheard of.

So put that into context when you watch it.

While it might have quiet, slow times (I'll agree) but we did what many wish they could do.

Whether you hate it or like it. Realize that it was a crew of three and a director that literally did everything that usually takes a actual film crew to make.

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Nice story, but little dialogue

It begins like a film you might think you've seen before, but then turns into fresh territory and offers many small surprises, in a film that begs for the viewer to do some of the detective work, then surprises again. The score falls somewhere between a Leone and a Hitchcock picture, which is saying something since the writer/director wrote the score. All the performances make sense by the end and there is a satisfying climax. I agree with the viewer who said this reminds of Jacob's Ladder but it's not the same story either. Rewarding for a thoughtful Indie film lover.

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Engaging, deliberate, surprising, suspenseful, rewarding.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Terrible acting, terrible filming, no plot. Pointless, annoying dream sequences. Stupid soundtrack. Definitely not a "thriller", since it was boring as heck. There is zero character development and you won't care about the lead actress at all. I kept asking myself, when is this going to be over? Do yourself a favor and skip this hot mess.

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