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Action / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.2 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 20, 2020 at 05:39 pm


Vijay Antony as Dinesh
Arav as Nataraj

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Movie Reviews

Saithan is a decent fantasy thriller which could have been lot better if it had any remarkable scenes.A one time watch.

Saithan/Bethaaludu(2016): Vijay Antony got recognition with his surprise hit Pichaikkaran/Bichagaadu.Especially in Telugu Bichagaadu is a tremendous hit earning huge profits.So his new movie Saithan got decent recognition from Telugu audience despite of any star cast.Trailer of 'Saithan/Bethaaludu' also piqued the interest and raised the expectations.Let's see how it is

Plot: Dinesh(Vijay Anthony) is a senior software engineer who leads a happy life with his wife Aishwarya(Arundhati Nair). The twist in the tale arises when Dinesh starts hearing weird voices from his brain which ask Dinesh to kill himself.Things get so serious that Dinesh's life gets disturbed completely and he is joined in a mental hospital. There, during his treatment, the doctors find out that he is suffering from a problem which is related to his ancestral past where he is killed by a lady named Jayalaksmi.Who is Jayalakshmi?What does it have to do with Dinesh's current life? and How does Dinesh manage to come out of this tricky situation ? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

1)Plot: The story of Bhetaludu is quite a different one which is not usual for our audience.Reincarnation concept is old one but the way it was written makes this a different plot.

2)First half: First half of the movie is thrilling though it drags at few scenes.The psychological stress and voice of Bethala making Dinesh to commit dangerous acts are interesting to watch.Interval twist is surprising.The way flash back scenes shown as glimpses in first half is unique commendable attempt.

3)Background score: Jayalakshmi score is one of the most spookiest score in recent times.The way it was played at few scenes definitely added a good thrill.

Minus Points:

1)Slow Pace: Even though this movie has limited duration of 2hr 4 min still it seems so slow.

2)No remarkable scenes: This movie has no remarkable goosebumps scenes despite having a good plot.Few such scenes could have helped this movie a lot.

3)Inconsistency in Second half: Flashback is decent but after that movie goes in an uneven way.

So,Saithan is a decent fantasy thriller which could have been lot better if it had any remarkable scenes.A one time watch.

My rating 6.5/10

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Saithan (2016)

The movie was good. Vijay Antony acted good in the movie. Everyone acted very well in the movie. Songs and BGM were also superb in the movie. 1st half was so interesting and thrilling. But 2nd half was not interesting or thrilling.

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A good movie.

This movie was very good in the starting but lost its thrill after interval but still, it's a good movie which engages you till the end.

Storyline- Dinesh, a software developer was living peacefully in his life, he met a girl on a metronomy site and marry her. After this things change rapidly and it seems like Dinesh's life is ruined by a strange voice he started hearing. It seemed like it's a horror story with supernatural connection but the conclusion is different and scientific. With medical help, he succeeds to find out the reason behind it. Film loses its pace as story moves but still remains good.

Summary- The film could be made better but still it's a must watch movie.

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Saithan , could have been better

Saithan movie has an interesting concept put forward by director and it keeps you engaged till interval, but the sudden shift in second half and then the climax lets film down, to speak frankly the script could have been made better with some interesting plot in the second half, i didn,t like the concept of drug abuse as the reason for our protagonist nightmare.

The acting by vijay antony was nice, considering his limited capabilities as an actor; his music and background score also was pretty good which he barks on each movie.

I am looking forward from Director pradeep krishnamoorthy to give more interesting films in future but with strong screenplay in second half.

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