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Action / Adventure / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
5.5 / 10


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Jul 17, 2020 at 12:56 pm



Vishal as Shakthi
Sunaina as Roopa
Manoj Bajpayee as Rajesh Arunachalam
J.D. Chakravarthi as John Frederick

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Movie Reviews

You Can Watch Samar for 1 time

On watching so many Hollywood movies. I really expected that this is the movie we all waiting for in Kollywood. But???? The movie opens in a forest and Vishal entry scene as a forest ranger's son. And some love scenes with Sunaina. Then comes the twist when Sunaina break the love of Vishal and leave for Bangkok, few months later a letter from Sunaina to Vishal with air ticket and asked Vishal to come to Bangkok. The first half of the movie is well narrated and every audience at the edge of their seats. Really every viewers expected some twists and turns in the second half of the movie but it not to be. Failed to meet the audience expectations in the second half. Little bit a head ache came by UN-situation songs. This movie need to be a cracker but happened to be a Bushvaanam in the second half. First half 8/10. But second half is 4/10. Average 6/10 for the whole movie.

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Samar (U/A) TAMIL ----------- my Rating : ★★★½ STAY CLEAR TILL END....

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Samar (U/A) TAMIL ----------- my Rating : ★★★½ STAY CLEAR TILL END....

STRENGTHS : - * Climax : reveals the entire script at the end ... * Story : i cant reveal because it is a thriller with more twists .... * Music : were average but songs are watchable .... * Performance : Trisha is the main role has done her job ... vishal shifts from mass to class ... sunaina imitates as tamanna ... * Camera and Direction : well captured ....

WEAKNESSES : - * Screenplay : second half was lengthy .... * Script : is made for the "A" class audience ..... * Language used : more other languages are used which may not be understand by a normal people ..... * Trailer and promotion : some of them don't even know that this film has released ....

FINAL VERDICT : - * It is a clean one time watch ...not more than once because it a thriller .....

Vishal Krishna, Trisha Krishnan Sakthi (Vishal) is a guy who takes tourists on trekking in deep forest in and around Ooty. He is in love with Roopa (Sunaina), but breaks up with her and later goes on a trip to Bangkok in search of his lady love. Sakthi befriends Maya (Trisha), a mystery woman on the flight who proves to be his savior in the foreign land. However our hero is caught up in a web of deceit when life become a reality show staged by two deadly guys John(JD Chakravarthy) and Arunachalam (Manoj Bajpai)

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Pile of rubbish

The movie was good. Vishal and everyone acted very well in the movie. Songs are not good. BGM was good in the movie. The movie was very thrilling and interesting. But the 2nd half was so boring.

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I started watching this movie after a lot of hesitation but no regrets - for the most part.

The initial pace is a little slow until Vishal reaches Bangkok in search of his (ex) girl-friend. Soon after he gets attacked by what appears to be a mob-hit but gets rescued by another group. He is made to believe that he is a multi-millionaire which leaves him in a very confused state. A couple of days later he suddenly loses his multi-millionaire status. Along the way he meets Trisha and they fall in love.

The story begins to unfold and it turns out the whole thing is a setup. A reality show staged by 2 people (who have nothing else to do in life!!) The rest of the movie is all about how Vishal deals with all the confusion around him.

The overall concept and story is quite new to Tamil cinema & I enjoyed it.

Here is what I didn't like (enjoy):

1. Over the top acting by JD Chakravarthy & Manoj Bajpai 2. Too much explaining of the story (please learn from Steven Soderbergh in the Oceans 11/12/13 series) 3. The ending turned out to be a bit short-lived. Would've been better if the background story of the bad guys was incorporated into the climax. 4. What was the need to have a fight sequence between JD/Manoj & Vishal?

Overall - worth a one time watch.

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