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Sillunu Oru Kadhal


Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6.9 / 10


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Jul 23, 2020 at 09:41 pm



Suriya as Gautham
Jyotika as Kundhavi
Bhoomika Chawla as Iswarya
Shriya Sharma as Aishwarya
Vadivelu as Ravana

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Movie Reviews

Nicely taken story.. Well portrayed characters...

I just watched this movie yesterday. And i have to add, I simply loved the show. The storyline is an easy one and the beauty of the movie is they didn't went on to add "masala" to the show unlike so many other Tamil movies. Kunthavi (Jothika) is married to Gautham (Surya). They have a real lovely daughter and she made the movie a joy to watch at so many scenes. Gautham Is he as simple as he seems to be? Well that and more are answered when Jothika accidentally comes across his diary. And from then on its all about the love and affection that a husband has on his wife and the faith and trust a wife has on her husband that moves the movie so damn well till the end. Aishwarya (Bhoomika) has certainly improved in so many aspects from her debut movie Badri. She plays her role well and in nice proportions. Music scored by ARR is such pleasant stuff for the ears. Munbe Vaa song is a treat to the eyes and to the heart. Overall its a movie where you can bring your whole family to watch with. Myself I dun mind catching it another time in the theaters again.

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Its realistic

Ya this movie has some typical Tamil problems.But anyone can suggest this movie to watch just because of its storyline.To make this movie we have to imagine something which could be added by Mr. director or scriptwriter.i like this movie just because it is much realistic.It shows us present can erase past easily.Gowtam was like other heroes in his college life.But not happily ever after with Ishu make him different.Now the question comes why he changed radically after that parting with Ishu?if we see at very first then we will see he was not much good while marrying Kundavni.but after marriage cant he change?i think anyone can.if anyone like him tries to hide past from his wife then he can transform to a normal guy and fall in love again.and i think its cent percent possible that present can erase past from our mind just like Gowtam's life starts circling Kundavni.then any one can ask why Ishu didn't try for Gowtam?i'm giving answer from my point of view.if something happens like that in my life,my family doesn't agree with my love then i will leave my love but i will act rude with my family like Ishu.but it is worthless to find previous love as without my family i can not live happily with her.if one day any one accept me with my past love definitely she will be my bride. OK from my point view the story of the movie is very much realistic and it happens just like this when same incident happens in someones life.

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A Jill (Cool) time pass

In recent times, it has become stereotypical to present movies with violence and gore in the tamil cinemas. But Jillunu oru kaadhal stood out and lived to the hype, at least according to the box office. Rather being a regular love story, the script of Jillunu oru kaadhal moves in a different path. Surya is married to Jyothika and lives happily with his daughter. He is a mechanic for a major car company in mumbai. All goes well before Jyothika finds Surya's personal diary which reveals an entirely different version of him - his college days. The story moves back and forth from there on and keeps the audience enthralled in almost all the aspects, whether it be music, comedy, romance, anger, fight etc., The performances of all the artists were exemplary. Surya's presence, Jyothika's curiosity, Bhoomika's innocence, Vadivelu/Sandhanam's ultimate comedy sequences, ARR's music - all stays in heart forever. A soft love story shown in the best form possible in the tamil industry. In a gist, this is a Jill (Cool) time pass!

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A Must Watch Movie

sillunu oru kaadhal is just an awesome movie that has been well made, which gives a balance btw songs, jokes, action, affection and love.. don't totally go by the preview of the movie.. i found the movie review to be more inclined on the negative side.. in fact the entire movie looks very much practical.. Jyothika searching for Bhoomika and asking her to spend a day with her husband only portrays how much she loves and values her relationship with Surya.. At the same time, the pain and anxiousness to know what happened during that one day only justifies the storyline.. Kudos to d├ębutant director Krishna for giving such a wonderful movie to the Tamil industry, for different angle of thinking and a very positive approach to the entire storyline! Great Work..

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