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Action / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.8 / 10


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Jul 23, 2020 at 09:44 pm



Suriya as Durai Singam
Anushka Shetty as Kavya Mahalingam
Prakash Raj as Mayil Vaaganam
Vivek as Yettu Erimalai
Radha Ravi as Singam

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Movie Reviews

Ideal plot for "Dabbang" sequel

Cop-stories seem to be order of the day. One-man army. One honest cop against the corruption and the evils in the society. It started with "Pokiri", "Dabbang" stamped it and now there are cop-stories are being churned out in plenty.

Just like "Dabbang", the plot is the "Ssssh" word. Its the format, presentation and punch which rules the roost and transports you into the 70's/

80's genre of film making where creative liberties were aptly justified when the audience taste-buds for poetic justice was satiated. The plot is wrapped with good performance from the protagonist and his nemesis, death-defying action sequences and romance with the lady thrown in as relief moments.

Surya:: This is the first Surya movie I have watched and must admit that he has a great screen-presence. His novel mouth-ache adds to the cop character.

Anushka:: Gets a few songs to shake her body and weave a romantic track around the plot.

Prakashraj:: As usual he is himself, super-confident as ever. Ensures to hog the audience attention every time he appears on the screen.

Songs are good. Background score is engrossing. Action sequences as mentioned earlier has a punch, though a few places it seems to imitate Rajinikanth style. Comedy wasn't upto the mark, but passable. I watched the dubbed Telugu version namely "Yamudu" and the make-suit has been done well.

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Furious & fast pace movie

Lot of expectations from Surya for his 25th film, well this movie has all the masala to complete silver jubilee. Storyline is good, screenplay is superb, this is one of the best movies of Surya till date. He is furious in the film & is expected from the director as the title itself says singam,pace of the movie is good. Anushka dazzles. Vivek is OK. Songs are catchy at times. Prakash Raj with his starry looks is amazing. The best scene of the movie is when Prakash Raj says to Surya that he can transfer Surya within minutes & that is what surya wants to happen so that Prakash Raj can accept his defeat. Overall its a good 2hrs 30 min entertainment.

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Great Entertainment...

once again director hari and actor Surya given the movie that all mass elements added with a racing screenplay..

Surya as a cop did a very fantastic role..

anushka is so beautiful in the movie specially in song sequences.

prakashraj asusal performance is good..

devisri prasad music is treat for first benchers.

vivek comedy is good..

all technicians worked well for the movie.

overall its pure hari film.. with great acting by Surya..

deserves the best film for family entertaining movie of the year..

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This movie deserves a "middle-finger" from Tamil audiences

The kollywood film industry has yet again delivered a crap masala movie in the form of Singam. The most important thing regarding this movies is that it underestimates the Tamil audiences. Are Tamil audiences fools watching the same old pathetic type of masala movies?. that too from the likes of Hari and Suriya...Tamil audiences deserve a better class of movies.

Story line of the movie - What a predictable sh*t.. There is no story in this movie..There is a hell lot of punch dialogue throughout this flick..Suriya looks like a mad man shouting on top of his voice which he calls it as acting.... There is not a little bit of excitement by watching this boring piece of work.

Boring music - As i recall there is not a single track worth listening, so is the visuals.. Some of the songs features Anushka in which she wears skimpy outfits.. All the songs features some lame dancing and the Suriya-Anushka pair is no treat to watch.. They look like a couple of actors who lost their senses by shaking their legs shabbily and calls it as dancing..

Suriya is terribly disappointing in this movie..At first it was very exciting to hear that Suriya had done a cop role which suits him very much.. But had to change my opinion after watching this junk.. The climax is a bit lengthy which spans most of the time in second half .. This is the period which makes the audiences very restless because this is the lengthiest climax with no twist or turn and every single person knows the ending, that "In the end the hero always wins".. If that is the case then what is the point in making such a mediocre movie?.. This movie is absolute trash... please avoid it because it has the same old masala story with no element of surprise..

My rating is 1/10

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