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Singam 3


Action / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 18, 2020 at 10:35 pm



Suriya as Durai Singam
Anushka Shetty as Kavya
Shruti Haasan as Vidya / Agni
Thakur Anoop Singh as Vitthal Prasad

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Movie Reviews

Singam 3 a definite treat for action movie lovers! Fast-paced film which turns out to be both positive and negative !!!

Singam 3 a definite must watch movie for those who falls under the face-paced action genre. A great round of applause to Suriya the hero of this movie who carried the entire movie in his shoulder (apart from all the shouting) Suriya did true justice to the character. And the captain of the ship director Hari has once again proved that he is the king of commercial movies in India. This is the fastest movie under his direction.

We have to salute director Hari for pointing out the medical and electronic waste subject where corrupted politicians secretly deals with foreign countries, which is happening in India. Yes! Its is happening and great respect to Hari for pointing this out. As said earlier, due to the speed of the movie this messages was totally ignored by many. Hari could have strengthen this medical and electronic wastage problem.

Pace of the film was too fast but for no reason. It wasn't leading anywhere. Same old cat and mouse game. There were many logic loopholes, but at the end of the day its a "masala commercial" genre which was invented by us Indians which we are "proud" of. -_- Come on man we invented our own genre. Jokes aside.. SPEAKING OF JOKES.. Harris Jayaraj THE BIGGEST JOKE in this film, worst music and BGM ever for an film and it just had to be Suriya's movie (the most talked about combo Suriya-Harris). Shruti Hassan could have been totally avoided and Soori's comedy turned out to be a disastrous one.

But apart from all this the energy Suriya had for this movie will grip you towards the screen and the hard work of Hari and his team in delivering a film that wont even let you blink once is definitely worth the shot! A great action cop film ! My score - 6.9/10

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"A below average fast paced movie with the same story all over again"

This time Durai Singam is in Vizag to clean up the place of all of its toxic waste.

It's the same story-line again there is nothing new no new ideas it's like they are making us watch Singam 1 again and again. I was disappointed after watching Singam 2 now Singam 3. This movie is just for Suriya fans, but I did not feel this as a mass entertainer to me it was not. It was extremely fast paced as during some scenes we ask ourselves what just happened. Next talking about the songs none of it was catchy it was made with no hard work and just for the sake of it they needed some songs so let's make some rubbish up. Still don't understand why they needed Anushka and Sruthi in this movie as they were not given any importance. They always need two actresses in movies and they are not shown any importance. Suriya did a good job acting vise as well as all that action sequences. He is not to be blamed for the story-line.

No I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

Notable Acting


My Rating 5/10

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Bad all around

Having liked Singam 1 and managed to sit through Singam 2, I probably had middling hopes for this nausea-inducing, noisefest, directed by the twitchy hand of Hari. Its hard to say what is worst - the music, the story, the unbelievable plot lines or the sheer noise level. There is not one redeeming quality in this movie. Not a one. What was Surya thinking?

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One of the worst movie i have ever seen in Tamil

Although Singam 3 belongs to the genre thriller i felt this movie as a spoof comedy. The making of the the film is utter disaster.The director Hari has spoiled the actor in Surya.The performance of Surya in this film is the worst i have seen.The Audience like would be glad if singam 4 is not made.

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