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Soodhu Kavvum


Comedy / Crime / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
8.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 16, 2020 at 12:08 pm


Radha Ravi as Chief Minister
M.S. Bhaskar as Gnanodhayam
Bobby Simha as Pagalavan

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Movie Reviews

One of the best Tamil film in 2013

Soodhu Kavvum, the best film I've seen so far in 2013. 1. The introduction and the film title display scene are wonderful. 2. Can't guess what's going to happen next and the editing was good. 3. The comedy was great great great, such a great relief from santhanism for a moment. 4. All the actors played their part very well. 5. All the songs are played well, mostly suited for the situation, and runs in background. 6. Loved the song, kaasu panam dutthu. 7. You'll forget most of the comedies, after watching the film, and wants to see the film again. 8. Extraordinary screenplay, dialogue delivery and acting. 9. Loved the action scene of that police. good editing there 10. For those who says "DVD vanthurum athula paathukkalaam", this is a film worth watching in theatres with families or friends or anyone. 11. Enjoy this film watching in theatre

Highly recommended.

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'Crime does pay' so does this movie...

Wow... finally a breakthrough . For us Tamilians the time has come to bid adieu to Hollywood movies from directors like Guy Ritchie for we've got one here. Definitely a world class characterization filled with black comedy with no words to describe. Vijay Sethupathy does it again selecting an excellent script. Everyone in the movie has a definite role. The Indian political 'Thamasha' is dealt superbly with a couple of scenes near the climax. There are a number of favorite scenes in this movie but the best was at the CM's office talking to his minister and the son (I avoid spoiler by not saying more).I paid 150 bucks to watch this movie at a local theater. This movie paid well and even more, for a movie fan like me. Waiting eagerly for more movies of this sort from the team.

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Best entertainer of 2013 and one of it's kind.

Story by Nalan Kumarasamy and Srinivasa Kavineyam is fresh and appealing. This is one of the best story of the recent times and director succeeds in bringing the story entertaining in screen. Overall the story is entertaining.The screenplay is the most important selling point in this movie and the fresh screenplay makes the audience engaged throughout the movie.The screenplay makes us feel as if we are watching a short film.Except the role of sanchita shetty the screenplay is very strong and perfectly crafted.Vijay Sethupathi is the best choice for this movie.He perfectly fits the role of years old kidnapper. Sanchita shetty does not have much to do with the movie.The reason for her role is not so compromising. Yog Japee character is also over hyped. M.S.Baskar done a decent job as a politician and also as a father. Vijay Sethupathy became one of the most important actors of Tamil cinema through this movie.Cinematographer is good and editing could have been more crisper. Music by Santosh Narayanan is amazing. The theme music is amazing and also the songs.After "Mangatha" theme music this one is the best.once again Gaana Bala makes audience dance with his folk number "Kaasu Panam". Santosh Narayanan's background score is also very appealing. Soon he will be among the top music directors of the industry.

Verdict: This movie is a Good entertainer and this movie promises that Tamil cinema is getting better slowly but steadily.

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Excellent Movie for all those who were bored of the regulars

Firstly the movie isn't usual. Though many movies are there with having the protagonist as negative or socially immoral have received good response, this movie has multiple protagonist in it. It looks like Vijay Sethupathi(Das) is the lead character. But there is a lot of turns that are steered by the Kesavan's character who is not negative in the initially. Keeping the female character as imaginary was sheer brilliance. The BGM looks to have some reference from the Oceans Eleven in some places. But its supports the movie completely. There is justification bought in the end of the movie with the fact that no act by anyone has a complete good/bad and the acts of Das bought only minimal bad :)

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