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Terminator Genisys


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


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Sep 20, 2020 at 10:53 am



Jason Clarke as John Connor
Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese
J.K. Simmons as O'Brien

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Not quite as bad as i thought it would be, Terminator: Genisys brings back the nostalgia of the first two films. It even has the same old-school vibe to it. But when you get to its core, Genisys is simply a rehash of the first two masterpieces, which are so good there was no point in revisiting them.

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They finally lost it

The Terminator franchise started with a low-budget thriller film that introduced a very interesting and compelling story about a woman who is a target of a ruthless man from the future that turns up to be a cyborg. It was a simple yet good story and a good piece of science fiction. Why was it a good film? Well, for starters, the bad guy, i.e the terminator, according to Kyle Reese, doesn't feel pain or pity, can't be reasoned with, can't be bargained with. It was the perfect killer, and almost invincible. So there you got all the elements of a good story.

Then came Terminator 2: Judgement day. Here things start to get weird with the new T-1000, because it was the result of CGI of that time. The whys and hows of the T-1000 were cleverly hidden away and never discussed. The story was good: here Sarah Connor wants to change history and the new terminator ends up showing a window of opportunity.

T3 came along and stuff started to crumble. T3 makes no sense. A seemingly old terminator that goes back because a "more advanced" (and absurd) terminator came to yet again kill John Connor. They used preposterous ideas justified by the fact that it is a "fiction" film (i.e the stuff about controlling automobiles with a "virus": cars don't work like that). Well, even fiction must be based on some rules, and T3 simply disregards these rules, and that is what makes it so bad.

Salvation came and it was good. Honestly, I don't see why people freak out about Salvation, because it was consistent, it makes actual sense. It looks like a war zone between our present and that future we see in the first films. There are no crazy liquid-metal things this time, only "normal" cyborgs and there were very nice references to the first two films. I have no idea why people hate it. It is not a thriller, but action, but then T3 isn't a thriller either, nor is T2, so that is a very bad reason to hate TS.

And now came Genisys, with the typo in the name.

The film starts with a disturbing change: the judgment day occurred, apparently, in 1997. It means that the whole second film was thrown in the rubbish bin. Sarah's efforts were pointless, apparently Skynet wasn't destroyed after all. But maybe I was confused, so I'll just ignore this and move on.

The film introduces an interesting idea: since the future already changed before, Skynet was aware of John's plan to send Kyle Reese and attacks him (John) before he tears the time machine apart, altering the whole story.

But this leads to a series of confusing events that end up having a terminator sent to kill Sarah when she was 9 and another to protect her. Then the "good" terminator ends up "raising" Sarah to have the face of Emilia Clarke instead of Linda Hamilton and both prepare for the arrival of a disturbingly different Kyle Reese in 1984.

Then appears the original terminator, apparently unaware it was not the first assigned to kill Sarah, and a T-1000 was apparently sent to kill Kyle (it is never explained who was the target).

Then instead of waiting for the right time, Emilia Clarke decides to build a time machine and go to 1997 stop Skynet. But Kyle, as explained by some pseudo-science theory, has memories of an alternate childhood (go figure), and knows Skynet goes berserk in 2017. So they go to 2017 and find out that there is this software which is a mixture of Apple, Google and Facebook called Genisys that for no reason is being used on mobiles, hospitals, and even the army and is going to be "available" at precisely the time of judgment day, even though it is already being used.

John Connor shows up in 2017 looking like Jason Clarke, and we assume he was cast because he shares the same surname with Emilia, and he is a cyborg because Skynet itself was contained inside a cyborg and it managed to replace every cell in John Connor for nano-technology. He wants to turn his parents into machines and he inexplicably not only defends Skynet, but he created Genisys himself.

So John Connor is the bad guy! And he is a terminator who created Skynet! Schwarzenegger tries to kill him, but Sarah points a gun to his... head, and.. it makes no sense.

They then invade this company that developed Genisys and end up stumbling on the same computer interface used in Resident Evil: Skynet for some reason has several projectors in the place with the hologram of a child that tries to convince the heroes that they are doomed and you wonder why Skynet wastes time talking to them if it really thinks that, but the holograms make funny noises when they cross the light and you give up trying to understand.

In the end Schwarzenegger kills Jason Clarke by getting into this unfinished time-machine with a giant magnet, while Kyle and Sarah explode the building, but in the last second Schwarzenegger falls into the metal goo that would be the T-1000s and even though a T-1000 cannot emulate complex machinery because it has moving parts and all that (check T2), he inexplicably blends just fine with the goo and becomes "updated". Oh, that trick is used before too. So even though stuff exploded, the terminator "survives".

So the film ends leaving a feeling of "what the hell I just saw", and I wonder why people find this any better than T3 and why Terminator Salvation is considered worse. It is beyond me. Really people, something is wrong here.

So if you like Terminator, go see it. If you liked Salvation, I'm so sorry, but it didn't turn into a trilogy and they just "terminated" a good project.

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A once great franchise raped without any shame or remorse and doing so with a smile by Arnie all the way through.

What is there to say? A quick summery: Everything is over the top. Instead of using one good idea like T1 and T2 they try to cram as many (bad) ideas as possible into one movie.

We get like 4 terminators, 3 time machines, 3 time periods, an app that is about to take over the world, nonstop cheesy one liners, to many 'funny' moments, to many plot twists. Ridiculous characters. A high school princess as Sarah Connor. B-grade acting. Generic action. A senior terminator attempting comedy.

The worst part: it has no tension buildup at all. What made T1 and T2 such great movies was the suspense of being chased by one (not 3) almost completely indestructible machine. That haunting feeling, done so well in the past, is totally missing. Overall it felt more like a poorly executed attempt at comedy with a convoluted mess of a plot.

This is a new low point in the franchise with a terminator named 'pops' saying awkward lines and doing creepy smiles. This is Terminator for the marvel generation. Braindead entertainment at its finest. Sadly a growing trend in Hollywood.

Please tell me this was just a fan made parody and the actual movie is still under development, right?

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WOW, IMDb rating is a joke

I am so disgusted with this movie and its rating that I have decided to sign up here for the first time and write my opinion. There is no way this movie is a 7.0/10. Not even close and it never will be. If this is a 7.0 then Salvation is a 14.0/10. James Cameron should be ashamed for even entertaining the idea that this movie is good. He has made me realize that everyone can be bought for the right amount. I hope he got paid a lot of money to say "If you are a terminator fan, you will love this movie", because he has lost a lot of respect with that statement. Hope it was worth it James!

I waited for this movie every day counting down as the days go by. I went to see it with my wife and I felt sorry for her she had to sit through the eye ball torture. I wanted to walk out a couple of times after countless cheesy jokes and terrible acting but I didn't. I thought I would stick through it because it has to get better until I witnessed the helicopter scene. At that moment I realized that the terminator franchise is nothing more than a childhood dream. Anyone who rated this movie above 3 stars on here is either getting paid by someone or 13 years old since after all it was a PG-13 movie.

Terminator 1 was good. I rate 8/10.

Terminator 2 was great. I rate 9/10.

Terminator 3 was decent, hated the overly futuristic female T-X. Ending was good and we finally see Judgement Day. I rate 6/10.

Salvation was good once you got passed Bale's Batman voice. At least it was getting into the future war and heading the right direction after T3. No fancy robots, just cold steel cyborgs with one acceptable twist (Marcus). The T600 was awesome. I rate 7/10.

Than comes Genisys, a Saturday Night Live skit at best. Was this a wannabe comedy or a terminator movie? We have a Kyle Reese that is cocky and looks like he should be the Terminator. Probably worst acting I have seen in a movie. We have John Connor that is some weird combination of human/nano technology/robot/liquid metal that is so far out there that it is stupid. Yes, stupid. We have the new Sarah which is not so bad other than the weird interactions between her and Kyle. It was awkward at best. We have Pops who is the terminator who is a father figure and competes with Kyle for his "daughter's" approval. He awkwardly smiles a lot and repeats the same punch lines over and over as if we didn't get it the first 6 times. It is border line offensive to average human intelligence. Add to that ridiculous scenes like the helicopter chase towards the end which defies logic and I am ready to question anyone's intelligence who rates this movie as anything above a joke.

Some people say "it was a fun summer flick, lighten up and just enjoy it for the action". What action? The crap CGI all over and helicopters from starwars? The T800s looked better in the originals. I wanted to enjoy it and went in with an open mind not expecting much but I wasn't prepared for what I actually witnessed. It was the worst summer flick I have ever seen that has actually insulted me for wanting to watch it. (if that's even possible) It was a joke and a mockery at best. It can't be taken seriously even if you wanted to. It fails at being a terminator movie. It fails at being a "true sequel to T1&T2". It fails at being funny. It fails at having ground breaking CGI. If fails at having a story. It fails at character development. It fails at having good sound effects. The music is TERRIBLE! It even destroys the prequels timelines which I don't care for really if it was good. It has nothing going for it. I walked out of the theater dumbfounded at what I have just watched. My wife laughed at me and said "this is what you waited for all these months? WOW. Terminator 2 is still my favorite."

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