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Action / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.1 / 10


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Jul 27, 2020 at 01:10 pm


Joseph Vijay as Vishwa
Amala Paul as Meera
Santhanam as Logu
Sathyaraj as Anna

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Movie Reviews

Thalaivaa: A historic movie for Tamil cinema

This review was written by my friend a 'neutral fan' from u.a.e DEAR TAMIL CINEMA FANS, well THALAIVAA is an entertaining and commercial film. First we have a look to the cast and crew. CAST Vijay: As usual stunning performance and mind blowing dance movements. His dialog delivery, hum-our sense, expressions and body language is-so classy and stunning. Even he has done his path in the film very well. He is now on the pathway to mega success and another STUNNING HIT from VJ which follows the success of KAAVALAN,VELAYUTHAM,NANBAN AND THUPAKKI. Amala Paul – well another leading heroin. She has done her path excellent in the film as the directors guidance. Well her character has a good scope but the role doesn't gave a chance to Amala Paul to give deep performance. The chemistry has worked well with VJ . Santhanam – Santhanam is a compulsory brand in most of the film. His jokes worked out well in the film. He didn't failed of giving on perfect timing jokes. His performance was a great support to bring the film into the entertaining structure. Vijay to Santhanam combo has worked out well. Sathyaraj - Puratchi Thamizhan Sathyaraj has slowly but surely carved a niche for himself as a character actor, after having donned numerous successful roles as a villain and a lead hero. Some of the prominent character roles that he has done in the recent past include the ones in Nanban and the Telugu movie Mirchi. He also had done a main role in Chennai express. Well his role in Thalaivaa is really classy and has unique style on it. Once again the wave length between Vijay and Sathyaraj has exposed and functioned well after the mega success Nanban. THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE FILM IS SO PROMISING AND DONE THEIR PART AS STRUCTURED BY THE DIRECTOR. CREW CAMERA – Nirav shah.. really a artistic cinematographer. You may know his excellent works in many films he did before such as MADRASAPATTINAM, VAANAM, ENGEYUM KADHAL, THAANDAVAM,DEIVA THIRUMAGAL, AND MORE. This film his camera magic has bring the audience a wonderful visuals and the tone of the suites the story and convey it through his visual to the audience. Editor – ANTHONY…Everyone know him for his excellence in editing and one of the leading and top editor in the Indian cinema industry. So no review on editing because he has done a great job. Music – GV.PRAKASH…HIS magic in music worked will with the audience. The music is so catchy and the background music for the film rocks. Gv you had done a good job and he didn't disappoint the audience in the music segment. Even the music helped the screenplay to move on to the next level. He also done a guest appearance in a song titled 'VANGANNA VANNAKAMANA'. DIRECTOR – Vijay is well known for his excellent films like Kireedam, Madrasapattinam, Deivathirumagaland Thaandavam. All the film is a great film and made a huge success in the box office and even touched the hearts of the audience. The same magic has done by AL.VIJAY in Thalaivaa by making the audience to immerse in the storyline and enjoy the film.He had done his role perfectly without any dragging in the screenplay or unwanted scenes and dialogs in the film. The film will be full and full entertainment and commercial based. Well it doesn't have any elements such describing the politicians, political orientated storyline or criticizing anyone. It actually conveying the awareness of humanity which humans need to bare in mind and the good and awesome relationship between various religion,caste and culture people India. It also shows how they being united as Indian and their understanding on each other.


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A different tale from The Darling of Mass

This venture is different from Vijay's previous films like ''Nanban'', ''Thuppaki'' and ''Velayudham'', but still, it keeps what it has promised. Like stated, Thalaivaa is something between a classy gangster flick or a racy action drama.

People say Thalaivaa has brought Vijay back to the bottom again, but that's wrong. Some people really have a problem with looking at an actor's films (specially Vijay's) in different angles. Okay, as a fan I admit that Vijay slipped a time when films like ''Azhagiya Tamizh Magan'', ''Villu'' and ''Sura'' came out, but still he came out with four blockbusters in a raw, which are ''Kaavalan'', ''Velayudham'', ''Nanban'' and ''Thuppaki'' and what happened to these films? Aren't four blockbusters in a raw good enough for the actor to come back in track. The fact that people really can't accept this, kind of freaks me out at times. So, here's the fact: This is the truth: Thalaivaa is a different genre, and as everybody know Vijay does an excellent job in his usual genres which are action and comedy. Thalaivaa is a decent gangster drama which tells the story about the change of a common man's life. Simple as that. ''How?'' is the question. There's no doubt that the film was completed beautifully.

The first official combination between Vijay and G.V. Prakash Kumar was awesome. The soundtrack is energetic and the choreography was mind-blowing. The costumes that are used in this film were also pretty good, specially those that are used in Sathyaraj sir's character and those that are used in Vijay's character in the second half of the film. Santhanam's sense of humor hasn't sunk a percent at all and Amala Paul has shown another side of her acting skills. Abhimanyu Singh was also faithful to his role as Bhima. The film also has another benefit: Unexpected, but needed twists.

As a Vijay fan, I believe Thalaivaa will be a film all Vijay fans will remember. Perfect title for both the story and the actor and you see the character is born to win. It might not be as great as ''Nanban'' or ''Thuppakki'', but still it's satisfying!

''Once we pick up the knife, it will either protect or destroy. But one thing we know for sure is that it's impossible to drop it down.'' - Sathiyaraj

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A good follow up to "Thuppakki"!!

Watched the first show of Thalaivaa. From the trailer itself, it was clear that the movie was going to follow the much beaten path of "Nayakan", "Devar Magan", "Sarkar" and the Malayalam hit "Naduvazhigal". Rehashing a familiar storyline is not a crime in itself, all you have to make sure is to present it in a convincing and different way. If rehashes and remakes were considered bad, a movie like "Nayagan" or "Sarkar" would have had no takers. AL Vijay has to a large extent, succeeded in giving a convincing movie to Vijay fans and to Tamil moviegoers in general.

The story, as we all can guess, is about a much-scrutinized, la Robinhood don (played brilliantly by Sathyaraj), going with his life keeping his only son in Australia under the pretext that he is a businessman who is too busy. The son (Vijay, who else!) leads a regal life, taking care of water supply business and doubling up as a dancer. He meets the heroine (Amala Paul, in a cute role) one fine day and love blossoms after a while. One day, circumstances force him to travel to Mumbai to see his father and how he gets involved in all the goings-on there forms the rest of the story.

The movie is leisurely paced, which might not find agreement with all sections of Vijay fans. The love story is a drawn out one, but then there is enough spice in it to keep you involved. The interval is called for with a bang, which gives a clue as to what might happen next. What happens in the second half is a complete deviation from the first one, and can be termed "mass" in the fan language. Even then, it's not happening at breakneck speed which many might expect. However, I thought that the pace was right here (there is no point in sacrificing logic for pace), what was needed was some trimming of some irrelevant portions. The movie achieves what it wants to, in the end.

The technical front is impressive, with Nirav Shah leading from the front to capture some great shots of Mumbai in the second half. The screenplay is tight and we have a mass movie which does not let go of logic, to an extent. The villain disappoints, and what we wanted was not a menacing looking one, but someone who was capable of standing up to the hero. The songs were absolutely a blast while the BGM could have been used to better effect in the second half. AL Vijay could have exercised more control over the proceedings in a more gripping manner, but he has done his best, we feel. It's easy to crib about the minute details, which we feel as aberrations.

Performance wise, Vijay shoulders the movie and gives out a mature performance. Both the halves demanded different get-ups and acting styles from the actor, and he obliges in his own, unique style. Here is an actor who has potential which has yet been under utilized. Sathyaraj performs well, being the seasoned veteran he is and Amala Paul gets a good role, rather than being the regular eye candy in usual movies. His character sketch failed Abhimanyu Singh but everyone else did their roles well.

Overall, the movie is an entertainer in the usual mould of masala movies, but after the movie ends, we feel that there was something different and that it was for good. Much, much better than Singam - 2!!

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Thalaivaa-Time to Lead


It has been always a struggle to watch Vijay movie in the scheduled time,every movie he'll face some struggle but finally he'll break all the hurdles and arrive.Movie is not yet released in Tamilnadu alone.But all is for good... guys Ur each & every second of waiting will give your wait a royal salute .. I have to see it in another state, but huge Mass in Kerala.. tremendous.. "Thalaivaaaaa" shouted in excitement after watching him on screen.. A completely different Vijay movie.Mumbai based stories always become a blockbuster here and Thalaivaa falls in that line too. Everything is excellent. Especially GV Prakashkumar's Background music.Best BGM of 2013 undoubtedly Thalaivaa.. All the songs were extraordinary.The style of songs was very attractive. Tamil Pasanga-A different intro song of our Vijay, his dance has no words to describe Ecstacy of Dance- Felt like saluting the choreographer and the performers Vijay & Amala Paul.. Yaar Indha Saalai Oram-Easily the best romantic melody of the year which is cleverly made.. Sol Sol- comes as a background score.. Vanganna Vanakanganna- easily the best song of the year Thalaivaa-tribute to every Vijay fan relating himself with Thalaivar..

Costumes were perfect & the best.White shirt impact is very powerful. Nirav Shah's cinematography captures everything in a world class style.. The shot and camera angles of Vijay itself makes the crowd to roar... Antony's cuts doesn't need to be trimmed further. It is perfect though lengthy it never makes us bore even for a second. Amala Paul was nice and did her role fantastically. Santhanam comedy was very good with some link to the story.. Ragini Nandwani was cute as a Doll.. Sathyaraj was brilliant as "Anna" Ilayathalapathy Vijay wow.. He underplayed his role so well.. Even if Vijay movies his hand, adjusts his sunglasses the crowd roars.. that much impact this role has.. very powerful role.. And when Vijay appears in white costume for the first time the roar and cheers from the crowd din't stop for long... This is meant by Mass in a Class.. There are lot of unexpected twists and turns.. A matured quality movie.. I'm waiting to see again Thalaivaaaa..


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