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Action / Crime / Drama

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IMDb Rating
8.5 / 10


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Aug 12, 2020 at 11:42 am



Rajinikanth as Surya
Mammootty as Devaraj
Shobana as Subbulaxmi
Arvind Swamy as Arjun
Srividya as Kalyani

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Movie Reviews

Best of Rajnikanth

A fight between two brothers (Rajnikanth and Arvindswamy) is a classy version on Modern Mahabbaratha, is truly unique. Maniratnam has adapted the screenplay to the modern version and it's really awesome. Mammootty as Rajnikanth's friend Deva is amazing. Music and cinematography by Illayaraja and Santosh Sivan (The terrorist) commend each other. For me it's the best gangster movie made in India. Just loved the movie from beginning till end.

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My favorite movie of all time!

Overall, its no secret that the plot is influenced by Mahabharat, especially the relationship between Karna and Duryodhan, and Karna and Arjun. Mani Rathnam once again proved his brilliance by incorporating a great epic to a real life situation. My favorite scene from this movie are two scenes that is the climax of the movie. The first scene is when Kalyani's husband after realizing Surya was the lost son, was the third person witnessing them at a temple, praying. The most moving moment, was when they both hear the train behind them, and they look back and gets emotional by the significance of the train. The acting done by Rajnikanth and Srividya was excellent in this scene. My second favorite scene, was when Arjun confronts Surya and Deva and asks them to stop. To which Surya replies "Have you ever been poor? Have you ever been hungry? Without food in the stomach, have you ever tried to make money?...They don't have the money and time to file petitions to get justice, that is why they come to us". Another good scene is also the confrontation is when Kalyani finally meets with Surya, and apologizes for her mistakes as a child, and asks him to stop being with Deva, to which Surya refuses. This is very reminiscent of Kunti, coming to Karna in the Mahabharat, and asking him to come to the side of Pandavas to which he refuses, since Duryodhan is a friend.

The similarities between this movie and Karna's life, is strikingly similar.

-Karna being thrown away since Kunti was a teenager, when she had him, which is similar to what happened to Deva.

-Deva's stepbrother is Arjun, who is on the side of righteousness and is against Deva for using violence and fear to bring justice, is similar to Karna's stepbrother, Arjun, who was a Pandava, that was against Duryodhan for not giving them what they deserve for being the sons of Pandu.

-Surya pledges his life to Deva, for treating him above his status as an orphan which is similar to Karna and Duryodhan, when Duryodhan offers one of his kingdoms to Karna.

-Kalyani's husband confronts Surya, and tells him that Kalyani is her mother and Arjun is his stepbrother, and tells him to give up the life of violence and join them, is similar to Krishna approaching Karna and tells him that he is a Pandava, since he is the son of Kunti, and asks him to join the Pandavas, to which he says that he vowed to Duryodhan that he will be with him till death, to which Krishna respects Karna for.

-Surya is known for not refusing anyone's demand, which is reminiscent of Karna, not refusing anyone's requests, when he is worshiping the Sun.

The greatness of this movie also dwells on certain subtle elements added by Mani Rathnam, like the Sun, that can be seen behind Surya at all times, emphasizing the similarity between him and Karna, son of the Son god. The music by Ilaiyaraaja, was the best music produced by him for any movie. The acting done by Mamooty and Rajnikanth is unparalleled. I think Rajnikanth's acting in this film was superior to Kamal Hassan in Nayagan. This is probably the best acting by Rajnikanth in any of the movies acted by him. Overall this is a great movie and I would recommend this movie highly.

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Ommala Moovie!!

The movie with the combo of Mani and Thala's of neighboring states and with splendid tunes from Illayaraja ,a certain delight is a sure bet !! Trite , crisp dialogues are characteristics of this movie just as any mani ratnam flick is. The scene which stands out for its 'crispness' comes the intensely set one in which Rajni after being imprisoned in the initial scenes is released as somebody else turns in as approval for the crime which he created. Surya,(Rajni) unaware of who has sent him, walks across to him n asks him, " YYYYEN?" After a few pauses he gets the reply," DEVA!! ". He comes out of the room and walks in the corridor just to witness Deva (Mamooty) and there begins the friendship between Surya and Deva which is so deep, committed and brilliant. The tone of most of the scenes keeps one gripping and with its melodramatic ingredients and songs, contributes to a bit of dilution of its intensity though. The storyline, a slight adaptation of mahabarata with superstar playin the Karna character to finesse is simply awesome.

A sure must watch flick !!

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One of the best Indian movies ever

This film is about 15 years old. i watched it quite a few times and it never fails to impress me. As said earlier it is a modern version of the Mahabharata, with Rajni as Karna.

Its starts with a 14 year old mother forced to abandon her son and the son grows up in the city slums far away..he befriends a underworld don and swears loyalty to death for him Meanwhile the mother gets married and has a son who becomes a top government official. Nobody knows of her earlier son except for her husband. Thing come to head as her younger son is posted to where the elder(who the mother doesn't know is her son) is dominating.

Watch the movie to see what happens. The mother-son scenes are amazingly touching

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