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IMDb Rating
7.1 / 10


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Jul 19, 2020 at 01:03 am



Joseph Vijay as Vijayakumar / Joseph Kuruvila / Dharmeshwar
Amy Jackson as Annie
Baby Nainika as Nivi
J. Mahendran as Vanmalai

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Movie Reviews

A good entertainer for vijay fans

Theri- The movie begins with a happy life of vijay and his daughter. For one hour the movie shows only the daily routine of their lives. In between these scenes we get to see flashbacks of vijay's past life. The flashbacks scenes are a bit racy and entertaining though some are predictable. The whole movie is shown in a flashback- present kind of fashion. For about first 40 Minutes the story is bland and doesn't even start in fact. Near the interval we see the story begin and it does promise to take off. However, in the second half the movie seems like a mix of few already seen scenes and a lot of clichés and predictability. The second has is somewhat better than the first in the fact that it is faster and has a story. In few scenes u may feel like the movie is slowing down. The love scenes where nothing new or interesting, and not much of comedy to laugh at. The movie has some real life incidents the society is facing now. Vijay seems like he is out of expressions. The songs could have been better, only enjoyable once where Jithu Jilladi with Deva sir's voice and Eena Meena. The BGM however scores well. The dialogue delivery and modulation is something vijay should work at. Baby Nainika's dialogue are almost not understandable. Amy Jackson has no scope in the movie, her sudden attraction towards vijay for no reason is a bit worrying. Samantha has done her role well nothing much more to say on the lead actresses. Cinematography is on spot and the cinematographer has scored well, even the scenes are good and contrasting well colored. Costume designer too should get a special mention most dresses where too good. The songs could have been reduced. Hope the upcoming directors focus on stories more than songs,as young generation doesn't want much songs at least not more than 2. However, Vijay is choosing different scripts to try and work at that is commendable and hope he comes out with better projects in the future. Director Atlee should not have jumped to a big actor's action movie all of a sudden. However, i hope he sticks to his romantic movies at least for now. To sum it up, it is a treat for vijay fans and can be enjoyed once.

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How is Theri ? - Yes, It's THERI :)

For me, This is one of the Top 3 best Vijay movies ever. Perfect Mass Entertainer with a good message. It's all about how good parenting can destroy the evil in the society. Ilayathalapathy Vijay's & Samantha's Best Performance till date <3 The Outstanding feature was its Cinematography/Visuals by George Williams - Class :D GVP's Songs/Music/BGM - Awesome work and Goosebumps along with Vijay's Extraordinary screen Presence :) It has all the elements to satisfy the fans and the neutral audience. I didn't get bored even for a nano second and it was worth every penny you spend. The Technical side of the movie was astounding and ATLEE proved he is Shankar's best assistant director. The Three getups of Vijay was really cool.The movie ends like THERI 2 is on the way. All the credit goes to the Director - Atlee, He waited 2 years for this film and he is one of the youngest director in India to work with a superstar in the second movie itself and to gross 100 crores which will happen very very soon. He has told before itself the story will be very simple with a fantastic racy screenplay, credits to Editor Anthony L Ruben for that. Overall it will be very satisfying for all the audience and won't disappoint anyone. SUPERB ENTERTAINER. One of the best Action/Thrillers in recent times. Totally Loved it <3 Rating - 4/5

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Vijay Back with a Bang!!!

A completely refreshing movie for Vijay . Brilliant efforts from everyone especially Baby Nainika, Vijay, Atlee and George C Williams.The cinematography of the film is fantastic. Baby Nainika is superb and she is the real gem of the movie. I think in the future she will be good actress in the film industry.The chemistry between Vijay and Baby Nainika is superb.

The Songs are quite boring especially Jithu jilladi, it was intolerable. The story is predictable but Atlee manages the movie very well because of his racy screenplay. Another plus point is J Mahendran.He is really apt for the villain on the movie I think Atlee chose the right person. Samantha, Amy, Radhika, Prabhu etc their part very well. Of course I forgot Rajendran (Police Constable) he is simply outstanding ion the movie.

Overall it's a must watch movie for all Vijay fans and others also.

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Theri Is Vijay's Baasha

Theri lives up to the promise and delivers the goods as a racy emotional action entertainer. While reviewing Vijay films one has to compare it with the actor's previous films and this one is sure going to directly appeal to the masses. It is a crowd-pleaser , Thanks to its slick presentation Atlee has a cleverly crafted a predictable story which plays to the galleries. However it is Vijay's outstanding charisma and performance in two different characters that makes the film a superior commercial cinema. We are introduced to the small world of Joseph Kuruvila (Vijay), and his daughter Nivi (Nainika) who lives somewhere in Kerala (Goa locations are matched well to make it look like Kerala). Annie (Amy Jackson) is teacher at school and she has a crush on Joseph. All is well till a small accident leads to a series of events thereby we get to know about Joseph's past. He is Vijaykumar IPS an upright police officer who locks horn with a local politician (Mahendran) whose son commits a heinous crime. On the downside, Theri is exaggerated and formulaic, but relies squarely on the charm of its leading man to pull off its over-the-top tone. But that's all part of the design. Atlee has borrowed the plot and inevitably comparisons can be drawn with Vijaykanth's 1990 hit Chatriyan. Vijay's scorching screen- presence and his infectious energy is the highlight. Nainika is super cute. Samantha in a clichéd role as Vijay's lover and wife who gets killed gets her fair share of screen time. But same cannot be said about Amy who not only looks uncomfortable in that funny wig but has nothing much to do. Mahendran is classy while Radhika Sarathkumar as the super cool mom is impressive. Technically George C. Williams camera is good and Ruben's editing is sharp. GV Prakash scores with his 50th album especially bgm is really good , as all the songs are hummable while our pick is En Jeevan which is melodious. On the whole, Theri is strictly escapist fun satisfying Vijay masala entertainer. Verdict : A Must Watch Masala Entertainer

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