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IMDb Rating
8 / 10


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Jul 13, 2020 at 07:04 am



Dharun Bala as Siddharth
T. Arul Ezhilan as Mediator Selva
Mk Mani as Ad Film Director
Marudhu Mohan as Producer
Aadhira Pandilakshmi as Land Owner

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Movie Reviews

Excellent portrait of a middle class family life in metro Chennai

This is one of the few movies that will stay with you long after you have left the cinemas. Character development at it's best and each scene is very relevant to the story. The actors have done a phenomenal job especially the lead female character. The story itself is fresh and never been heard of in the past. Very natural and simple shots makes this movie stand out from rest of the mass entertainment movies. Kudos to Chezhiyan, I'm sure he is going to become extremely successful as a director.

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Its my film

This is one of the most underrated masterpieces that our country has produced in the recent times. This deserved to be India's entry to the Oscars but even without that validation, this film will stand the test of time and I'll count it as one the greatest films of our country. It reminded me of masters like Ray, Ozu, and Majidi and the director's love and respect for their kind of cinema comes through in his naturalistic portrayal of a family and a class of our society whose dreams and ambitions are getting lost and left behind in today's world of rapid development and growth.

Even though the film may appear simple (and its apparent simplicity is one of its most endearing qualities), the camera says a lot with the subtle shots without any use of melodramatic background scores or dialogues or acting. The family feels extremely believable and lived in and that speaks to the cast and the filmmakers' talents. I have watched this film twice now and there's details to catch and observe and appreciate with every viewing - not in the sense that it's a puzzle to solve but for the realism portrayed by the director and the minute details of every day life that's spread throughout the film. The film is currently available on Amazon Prime India for streaming and I hope it remains available for many more multiple viewings. The director/writer/dop and the cast are people to watch out for and I'll closely follow whatever they do next. A truly commendable piece of work that should be seen by everybody.

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A Sublime Masterpiece

You can feel it if you have lived it. Thank you for making this movie.

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Simple yet powerful

It started out well, screenplay was helped to fill the mood into the movie, the actors have given their best and the bonding and the detailing of the family has been very good but towards the end i.e the last 30 minutes it feels that nothing much is going to happen with respect to story and by that time we as an audience have a pretty good idea of the family bonding but still narrator chooses to include the scenes which elevates their bonding and few alg in the scenes at the end, the editing could have been crisp at the end. But got to appreciate the director and writter for depecting the common man story.

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