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Va: Quarter Cutting



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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 15, 2020 at 03:53 pm


Shiva as Suraa
S.P.B. Charan as Maarthandan
John Vijay as Prince / King
Kalyan as Politician Sokkathangam

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Movie Reviews

Story happens in 12 hours from 6.30pm to 6.30am, exploring the night life of chennai in the most delightful way!


I have seen Oram Po, the director duo's first flick and was pretty impressed with their innovative story telling on a local subculture.

This film, takes it a notch above from bringing on the most unique story and characters alive on screen. Right from the title sequence with 2D animation and resounding rock guitars, the style quotient hits a high and sustains it throughout the film. In an industry where films have loud, on your face jokes, this one comes as a surprise with subtle, smart and intelligent comedy. Even the goddess loosing an eye ( wow, who would ever think of its repercussions in the story?!) is so cool and unassuming! And the opening sequence which flows as a seamless single shot, introducing the different characters, who bump in through the film: definitely this film way out of league for any Tamil, rather Indian film! These guys are the future and messiah for a contrived, stuck up film industry. Good job guys! keep up the good work! oh, and its so funny! COMPLETE LAUGH RIOT! and the colors, the art direction, camera work, music!!!I can go on and on... Its a Wonderful, DELIGHTFUL, FILM!

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12hr riveting tale on one man's search for his elixir in life in a wild goose chase across the city with quirky characters and super duper fun! Its all about passion!

I simply thought this was the most perfectly made and wonderful film, I've seen in a long time! Really really funny, totally unique and its good to see such cutting edge stuff! Can't believe in our times, we've got to see such a cool, great tamil film! the amount of effort and detailing which has gone into the film is unmatchable! Simply superb and you will miss out on a lot if you miss this film. Wish I could meet the director duo and share my appreciation! Thoroughly enjoyed this flick and for people who don't know tamil, should watch it with subtitles to get a whiff of the local flavors of India! The little details go past in the first time, so I wanted to watch it more and more! After seeing it for the 5th time, it still has some little surprises for me This is a huge step forward for Indian films and hope more such little gems keep coming out!

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Film stands out unique even after 5 years, highly repeatable to see

Shiva need not make big effort to bring in comedy in any of his dialog,It comes out very naturally.Every dialogue of him is simple and elegant,but it could be appreciated very well as these words are all very common in our conversations.His Coimbatore slang is damn good.He delivers serious matter in a funny/casual way that makes us laugh.

Greeny shades ,eye-catching paintings in streets combined with superb BGM makes us not to miss a scene.All 4 four situation songs are interesting.

This movie explores all means by which one can go in search for alcohol in a dry day.Finally he gets in the climax.

Club scene where Shiva dances in village style ,in return John Vijay dance in funny disco style

Lekha speaking in childish way is nice.SPB Charan is mix of responsible,silly and at end becomes a hero of past.

Va quarter cutting Good time-pass movie or a refresher for any number of time

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Appetizing but not enough kick to offer..!

Puskhar-Gayatri fresh from their different yet successful debut movie "Oram Po " are back with yet another different attempt with "Va "(1/4) . The film's story takes place in one night, in which the protagonist, with the help of his would-be brother-in-law, hunts for a last liquor before leaving to Saudi Arabia. The freshness of the concept & the manner in which the movie has been shot are the strong points while the sluggish screenplay plays the spoilsport.

The direction is also patchy with some good sequences interspersed with some very ordinary & some very amateurish ones. While watching the movie sometimes one get a doubt whether the same due have done this movie too for they have done a very neat job in their debut feature.

Dialogues too are at times funny & at time kiddish. But the thing that make it worse is the bad dialog delivery from Shiva & the one who has dubbed for Lekha. Shiva's rendition of Kovai Tamil is simulated & doesn't jell with his body language.

Shiva is getting typecast & he seems to be doing the same thing all over again right from his debut movie "Chennai 600028". He seem to have reluctance to come out of his comfort zone which would make his survival difficult in the industry which is fraught with heavy competition. Or else he would end up as a comedy side kick in the near future.

S.P.B.Charan does a neat job of it as the brother-in-law of the hero .He has come a long way since "Unnai Saran Adaindaen " in his expressions & histrionics. His dialog delivery is way better than the hero & heroine while his comical expressions are a treat. His innocent & naive demeanor adds up to the effect.

Lekha has nothing much to do which the bane of the heroine of contemporary Tamil movies.She overdoes her expressions in many of the sequences & she needs to learn how to draw a line between comical expressions & insanity .

John Vijay is as competent as ever & after "Oram Po " he gets a meaty role in this movie & he has utilized the opportunity well.

Nirav Shah's cinematography is one of the USPs of the movie . He is as stupendous as ever but the green tone does gets under one's nerve after a point.

G.V.PrakashKumar's music has nothing much to offer while his BGM is pathetic to say the least. Its as if one is watching a amateur drama & BGM being given for it by some part-time musicians.

On the whole , "Va (1/4) " is not as bad it is portrayed in the media . It does keeps one engaged in the goings-on with the intermittent phases of amateurishness that leaves one dismayed .

Bottomline : Appetizing but not enough kick to offer..!

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