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Vaaranam Aayiram


Drama / Musical / Romance

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IMDb Rating
8 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 15, 2020 at 03:41 pm



Suriya as Krishnan / Suriya
Simran as Malini Krishnan
Ramya as Priya
Sameera Reddy as Meghana
Prithviraj as Asad

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Movie Reviews

A Substantial Movie with All the Right Elements

This movie was well made with nice melodious songs. What I really like about this movie was that it showed how fathers are important as well. Most movies always talk about mother as the motivation and somehow portray the dad as military style attitude or just thrown in for show but this movie was all about a dad's motivation, a dad who was living and compassionate. As for the actors: They really created magic with this movie. Surya was amazing. He really dug into the characters' role equally. His expressions and flawless Hindi and Tamil made this movie very enjoyable as well as his dual role. His attitude kept changing so it held the audience's eyes. Sameera Reddy was also wonderful. Despite the limited screen time, she really made a strong impact. Simran was also great. It has been a long time since I have seen her and her presence made the movie pleasant. Divya Spandana was not bad at all. I felt that she was thrown in but there needed to be something to make the movie going. The songs were very nice and melodious. Although it was not very fast paced, the creative sounds made it worthwhile. Only negative thought: I really wished that there were subtitles so that we could understand what Hindi words were spoken. Overall, this movie had a little bit of everything: love, violence, adventure, music and it is a definite must watch.

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one movie in a lifetime

First of all its a Gautham Menon film,lot of ups and downs,twist and turns yet its totally different from all the other movies its a Masterpiece given by him,the story deals with a simple relationship between father and son,but said in a extraordinary way. Its a visual treat for audience gave by Surya and Sameera Reddy on one half- The brighter part of the film deals with the childhood days with his dad and most beautiful part of the film his love with Megnha ,and the movie turns dark when Megnha dies,and Surya goes mad couldn't bare her loss,he goes on 2 drugs,then once again his hero-Dad comes in his life changes everything around him,turns his negatives into positives creating him a major in the Indian ARMY.The best of the film are is memories with his father...THANK u Gautham Menon for giving this film its not just a film its a fragment of my heart..

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Vaaranam Aayiram -- -Surya is in Big League....A worth watch...

Vaaranam Aayiram--itz Surya all the way...He roxx to the core....What a versatility he gave to the different phases of his character... As a teenager, lover, loser, commando, aged man his performance is top class...His body language and voice modulation all are excellent...I can he is in big league with the finest actors of our country...

Coming to the film....itz an autobiographical we cant blame the pace of the movie...Even though the narration is racy in first half. In second half there are lot of incidents...(transition from a loser to a good individual..) Surya-Sameera reddy love track is minty cool..n Surya-Divya track is also OK...Then the Delhi episode...IMO itz a refreshing idea frm Goutham..(To overcome the loss of tragic event in Hero's life..)Someone may not agree that...After that the army scenes...surya really looks like an army man...And the final dialogue from simran is also touching...

Performancewise Surya...His career best performance till date....Next comes Simran...Matured performance ..Both Sameera and Divya are apt for the roles...No gimmicks in Cinematography and Editing...BGM and music is beautifully synchronised with the mood of the film....

If you are looking for a masala entertainer, then stay away from here...

Overall, itz a must watch ....

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Close to reality, close to heart

Gautham's Vaaaranam Aayiram may not be a masterpiece in overall, but the very fact the film dishes out few of the most momentous scenes i have ever seen in cinema justifies this rating. The film may appear slow for some, especially those who are yet to experience the lost of a loved one, or those who are yet to fall in love. Vaaranam Aayiram is about the strength of love and memories, how important they are in your life, even if your loved ones depart. The film is in no way a remake of Forest Gump and was not even for a moment intended to be so. It is rather inspired by Gautham's real life events and observations. Some of the scenes in VA are truly momentous, send a chill down the spine for any romantics. I can't remember San Francisco being shown to be so beautiful in Hollywood movies even, especially when Meghna (Sameera Reddy) confesses her feelings for Surya (Junior Surya) at the backdrop of the bridge while he is playing with a toy helicopter. Masterstroke. The scene where Surya calls his parents and cries uncontrollably about Meghna's death is certainly one of the most moving scenes ever in Tamil cinema, i can almost feel the same pain that the character feels at that time. Gautham directs the movie superbly in parts and complacently in parts, but Surya is the order of the day, as his performance as both father and son keeps the movie going, even in the parts where Gautham obviously could have done better. As a doting grandfather unable to tell stories to his grandchild, as a cancer patient meeting his end days, as a young man who is head over heels in love, as a naughty college student, as a lover struggling to get over his lover's death, a young man who's life taken over by drugs, as a man searching for himself in the mountains, as the re-discovered man who saves an abducted child, as a major, and as a son who struggles to see his daddy's sufferings, Surya is a class act in this movie. Simran too is fantastic, and this might well be her comeback card. Sameera Reddy leaves an impact in your heart that she remains etched even after the character is killed, and even makes you long for her presence. Divya Spandana does a decent job, but doesn't overshadow the impact of Sameera's character, she basically underplays her character. This is something for the personal collection.

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