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Action / Drama

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IMDb Rating
4.7 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 27, 2020 at 01:18 pm



Joseph Vijay as Ravi
Anushka Shetty as Susheela
Salim Ghouse as Vedanayakam
P. Ravi Shankar as Chella Vedhanayagam
Sayaji Shinde as Kattabomman

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Movie Reviews

A nice entertainer.....

Vettaikaran is a nice racy entertainer with all ingredients for fans and other that they can watch more than one time because of the VIJAY's style fight dialog and songs.....

the movie is a clean movie that has love comedy action.....its mainly for vi jay fans.....the most collected record collection for sun pictures....its already declared as a super hit movie by sun pictures after Ayan and Padikathavan....Vettaikaran broke the collection records of these movie and becomes at the 1st position.....Songs have done a great job to this movie thats hatsoff to vijay antony for all the songs....also mass song "Puliurumudhu" for Vijay's style and getups...also lovely songs "Chinna thamarai","Karikalan","En uchimandela", and the intro song "Naan adicha thangamatte"...all songs was superb and Vijay performed well in all songs also Anushka...

A festival for Vijay fans and others....a watchable movie.......Overall a festival for Vijay fans enjoy..........

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100 percent crap 0 percent logic

I saw this movie few weeks before and there is nothing in this movie .. and because of movies like this Tamils cinema stays unrecognized and quality less ...

For the past Few years I am Watching Same replica of vijay's older movies his movie contains only the following :-

1. Mass introduction ( vijay splitting into 8 parts with crap old school graphics ) 2. Opening Unnecessary Fight 3. and opening Song ( Same crap only lyrics changes slightly ) 4. Heroine Introduction ( mostly he dashes heroine in any public place ) 5. Villain Introduction 6. Vijay and villain meets face to face 7. punch dialogs 8. song 9. fight 11.fight 13.villain kills vijay's friend or sometimes blood relatives 14.vijay plots revenge 15.vijay kills villain OR Villain changes his mind and becomes a good person..

If any one of you goes and tells him a story with the above mentioned plot.. he surely agrees to act as a hero under your direction..

Vijay is a mass hero .. he has many talents and i have appreciated his earlier movies. If he makes up his mind to act in only good movies with at least a descent story with the perfect entertainment .. vijay will not only fulfill his Fans expectation but also the other mature audience's expectation..

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Nothing special....Again a commercial one

The plot of this movie resembled to the previous movies like 'Sathyam' and 'thirupachi' which made me boring.But the songs were the one which made everyone to watch it on the screen. Vijay Antony contributed his best. Anushka had no chance for acting in this movie.still she looks beautiful in the songs. the stunts performed are very awful.comedy performed by vijay is quiet nice.The comedian role played by vijay is better than his old fashioned acting.Finally it's again a superb commercial treat for vijay fans only...Others please do not waste your precious time on this. Let's hope a better one from him on the coming years.

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want to become mad, search logic in this movie

Stop wasting money in this type of movie and spend money for poor people.

100% Kadikarran.

Vettaikaran title did not suit for this movie, since Bagavathy movie story already used in diff way,they might have chosed Bagavathy 2 or hero character name.

Many people asked same question in this movie, How come a gangster head suddenly become a Political minister without winning in election?????

gangster-head met some person, no idea who is he, but he has rights to make him minister without political party meeting or what ever it is.

movie 1st half no story, just done with heroin. why because producer paid much for her. 2nd half, no one was not able to understand why all those new scenes are coming in action. like villain said, in 3 months hero become big gangster. next to this scene, hero got enthu song where all people will pray for hero and looking help.

Movie seems like they made lengthy movie but don't know how to work on editing section. all frames are like artificially attached, it doesn't has normal flow to understand.

as like everyone words, vijai cant success on original stories, he has to be always remake hero from other language movies.

questions : 1- in which college we are getting 1st year degree admission for aged people ? 2- can any gangster become Political Minister without winning election ? 3- in which police station,officers can have haircoloring by their junior police officer ? 4- Encounter specialist can shoot villains, but when he saw gangster in his, why cant he shoot them ? 5- in chennai which 4 corner road doesn't have traffic police in rush area ? 6- is people still there to believe all 0% logical movies ?

----------- Most wanted question :

Can we use our car remote locking, when car is completely under water ? also if we lock car from outside, outsider cant go inside but people who are inside can come out from car right. but our hero did a brilliant( his brain) job in it, he locked car from outside, so that villain cant come out from car, bcos its locked :).

even if hero doesn't lock , villain will die in water bcos he don't know swimming. but he died inside the car in 0% no water , why bcos our hero already locked car from outside ( note : all windows and doors locked ) .


English movie director shows their imagination power in screen, always they make story and select

suitable hero's. Tamil movie director's was making movies with message where public should understand life nature. but now few director making movie for hero and writing suitable story without any logical way and makes public fool.

Movies like " Nadodigal " has 100% logical story. that movie has no popular face, all new actors, that made huge success.

Since this movie 2nd half actions dint have continues line and it seems like trailer, why bcos all scenes are like attached artificially.

Kindly wait for few months, you can watch this movie on popular TV channels during festival time.

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