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Action / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
3.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 05, 2020 at 02:07 pm



Joseph Vijay as Pugazh / Saravanan
Nayanthara as Janavi
Prakash Raj as J.D.
Vadivelu as Maadaswamy / Manavswamy
Devaraj as Shaan

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Movie Reviews

Villu - The blockbuster flop movie

Once again comes another block buster flop from our ILAYA THALAPATHY.. This is one of the most f**king movie i have ever watched.. Its really a waste of 3 hours watching this horrible nonsense.. Even Vadivelu comedy was disgusting.. These kind of foolish movies utterly degrade the quality of Tamil cinema.. Tamil audiences are not fools applauding the actor for his nonsense punch dialogs and gravity defying stunt sequences.. Tamil people have become wreck less and longing for quality movies.. The directors and actors have to understand this and change their mind-stuff and produce some really good quality movies.. Its really hard time for Vijay and if he continues his idiotic stuff in his forthcoming movies its for sure he should pack off back to home and sit shut..

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please stop making movies like this.

now let me say, when kuruvi came out in 2008 i thought there cant be a worse movie than that..but i have to give credit to director prabhudeva and actor vijay for breaking was a tedious task for the audience to sit in the theater for digesting such a non-sense of a movie..this movie gives importance to the usual punch dialogues(could drive you crazy for hours), comical stunt scenes...etc the comedy scenes could have been better..vadivel was at his irritating best..the movie shows some level of vulgarity, it could concern some audiences..nayanthara has proved she has the ability to do some lame acting and pathetic dancing.. vijay now has a series of flops starting from azhagiya tamil magan..its time for him to look in to some serious subjects rather than making non-sense movies and making the audiences fools by watching this garbage...

my rating for villu....1/10

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Most disgusting film i have ever seen..

I wasted 3 precious hours in my life watching this movie.The previous production from this combo (Vijay and Prabhu deva) i.e., Pokiri was interesting. But this film, Villu disappoints me to the core. Not only me, many of the audience including Vijay fans found it very difficult to sit in the Theater watching this movie.Vadivel, who proved himself to be a good comedian in lot other movies could have lost his mind(literally) while acting in this movie. Nayanthara has also contributed towards the failure of this film. I always wonder how could a director, direct such a bad movie for the Tamil film viewers.Vijay has given 4 or 5 continuous flops movies.So, its time for him to sit back relaxed and choose films wisely.

My Vote: 2

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Remake movie hero getting flop in original script

By mistake I watched this movie, many got out during break time itself. Many actions are not acceptable like hero drive water bike under ship ,he will stand middle of the place where bombs will explode around him.. like many unwanted scenesÂ… This team still thinks that Tamil people are uneducated and seems like we will believe all their lies. Comedy was worst too by vadivel. I feel this hero can act only in remake movies from other languages, he cant win in original scripts. I really had worst time watching it.

Most amazing scene was nayandara will get electric power attack, vijay will get kiss from nayandara with the help of electric power attack. when we watch this, we still cant understand why many are killed by eletric power attack :)

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