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Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
2.7 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
May 02, 2021 at 11:34 am

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Movie Reviews

worst movie ever

please burn your money, put it under a rock and forget it, buy dog poop but never ever ever go for this movie. after watching this movie I would want Ram Gopal Verma's Phoonk or Rani Mukherjee's Aiyyaa to win an Oscar at least.

This movie is so amazingly pathetic that right from the first minute me and my friends wanted to scratch ourselves to death. they even said that watching construction outside would have been more interesting than this. I am sure my dog would have a better sense of direction. it would have made better sense to invest my 200 rupees to buy dog poop or buy blood sucking leeches and keep them as pets than to watch this movie. Be it the cast, plot, drama, comedy, editing, direction, screenplay, etc everything is horribly pathetic with no relation or support to each other.

Go and watch this movie only if you like Intervals !!!

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0/10 - Spoilers inside. In short, just avoid this and burn the money instead

This is BY FAR the worst movie I've EVER watched. There was not ONE scene which made me even chuckle a bit, let alone die of laughter.

The cast was absolutely ridiculous. 3 guys, of which one is a spoilt brat of a martyr, second had no back story, except that he had long hair and liked playing drums. The third one was completely lost and was like a tag-along in the movie. Of the two girls, one was a tall bimbo with a permanent duck face and the other was a 'gharelu ladki' with jasmine oil in her hair and pigtails. They are all entered in a college knock-out by Gulshan Grover who was the principal of this massive college, against the Aussies who planned on building a casino and a hotel in their campus. First round was a rock band faceoff. Aussies win that one by 'cheating'. One guy gets beaten up and by the time India (these 5 retards) win the chess round, that dude dies despite getting defibrillated (shock treatment once a person dies), revives, cries a little and dies anyway.

That was where the movie broke into an interval and we made a break for it.

I am surprised that no one, i mean NO ONE took 2 steps back and thought that this was: 1. Not well directed, 2. Not well cast, 3. Had a ridiculous story, 4. The ABCD song should've been right at the end. 5. The dialogues could very well give someone a seizure. 6. The editor should have been shot.


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A very very poor and unconvincing teen,patriotic... movie by a rookie director

Here we go to 2014's first well-promoted movie, Yaariyan, it may be a commercially successful low-budget film but the movie has nothing to offer to the viewers. There is this College which is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country but due to a land claim, Some Australian businessman plans to demolish some parts of the college and build a casino and a hotel right beside the college. So the selected 5-member Indian team has to compete in a 5-round game vs. Australian team to save the college girl hostel. On selecting the team members the college principal has no reason to select Lakshya (the main lead actor) but selects him only because his father was an Indian shaheed (martyr), really Mrs. D. K. Kumar? The movie is full of unconvinced scenes. The big joke of the movie is the final and 5th round of the game when the main lead actor is competing with an Australian mountain climber, and right when he is miles behind his rival the makers create a big water fall from peak of the mountain and he jumps right close to his college. The maker may have tried to create a teen, romantic, comedic and patriotic movie which she fails in all. The main lead actor who is a new guy in Bollywood is shown as a naughty and funny guy which is a very common quality for the Bollywood new guys. He is nobody and he is everybody. As an actor he has a lot to learn to work in a lead role. He doesn't have the impression of an actor. The same could be said about the lead actress. Those who enjoyed the songs on YouTube may give it a try, as I did. You may watch it at your own risk of your precious time, but I want my 2 hours back!!!

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All I can say is UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Those 145 minutes were a total waste!! I horribly regret the 68 bucks I paid for nonsense.

The story was clich├ęd, phony and nonsensical.

The new actors are pretty annoying -- even Jimmy Shergil seems Oscar-worthy in front of them.

Deepti Naval was the plus point.

Cinematography + Direction + Choreography + Script = belch!! My neighbor walked away halfway out of annoyance. I too wanted to do that but I had a tasty tub of cheese popcorn to hog up. It kinda kept me engrossed.

AVOID is the conclusion!

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